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Gryphon CNC machine Review

This is a quick review of Gryphon CNC machine. This particular version is the 4 x 8 version, but they’re all roughly the same, just lengths. We’re really impressed with this, and we’ve run it since December, about 1,300 hours so far.

I thought I’d take a little bit of time since we’re doing a new waste-board today. We’ll talk about some of the features, some of the benefits we’ve had about this.

Gryphon CNC machine Pricecnc

Obviously, the first is the price point. This machine came in thousands of dollars cheaper than it’s competitors. While that worried us a little bit, we were excited to see some things after talking to Phil, who is the owner of the company. He takes care of us, and he’s taken care of anything else that we’ve ever had any issues with.

Everything Else

The machine itself is made to slide out the side, which is the Y. It is the innards system, not belt or screw driven, so there’s some accuracy that is increased because of that.

The gantry sits on top of what they call Gryphon rail, which is a really beefy extrusion, and there’s two of them, so the deflection in the gantry is really quite minimum. We run this around 60 or 80 inches per minute or even faster depending on the wood or the type of material we’re in, and the machine is really responsive. The electronics are also really quite good. In fact, we’ve never had any issues with it at all.

The stepper motors are quite powerful and beefy. It’s really been a good production machine for us. Perfect for the hobbyist, sign company or somebody else that wants to get a certain size down. They make them in various different lengths and widths. If you’re looking for a CNC, I can tell you that this is a fantastic cnc machine.

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Brazilian hair Loose Wave from myBrazilianhair

How much Brazilian Hair is Enough?

The hair I am about to review is Brazilian Hair loose wave (click to get 25% off of your next purchase), and I have four bundles of 22 inches as well as a lace closure in each . I used a whole three bundles, and I had about 30 inches left of my fourth bundle. I thought I was going to run out because I was building the tracks and the longer the hair is the shorter the tracks are. I thought I was going to run out at the top, but I just made it and had some left over. If you want your hair really bold you would obviously add that, but since this is curly hair it already looks full, so you don’t need that many bundles. I think with this hair if you were not to build the tracks up, just go row by row. I think you could get away with three bundles. Just because this hair is thick and it’ll look nice and full.

my Brazilian Hair Texturebrazilian hair

I want to talk about the feel of the brazilian hair. I personally feel like Brazilian hair feels very silky, and this hair doesn’t feel silky. It kind of reminds me Malaysian hair. I did a review for Peruvian hair that was silkier than this, but I don’t know if it was because it was body waved. This hair has more of a coarser feel to it which is nice. I guess it’s peoples preferences if they like silkier hair or not. I really do like the hair. The curl pattern is so, so, so, pretty. It looks like, straight out of the packaging, you know how when you flexi rod your hair. Your hair comes out straight out of a flexi rod. That’s what the hair looked like straight out of the packaging. This is the hair straight out of the packaging. No product. No washing. All I did was put water on the top so that I could part it the way I wanted it too. Otherwise, no product at all, and I love curly hair that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

My Conclusion on my Brazilian Hair

I did not dye this hair at all. This is 1B, and I didn’t cut any layers in it. This is where 22 inches lands on me. I think this is a good length. I don’t think I would have liked it if it was any longer. I am 5’2, and I don’t wear extremely long hair on me. I just think it looks a little odd. It’s really, really, full, and as far as blending on the top. I took out a little bit of my brazilian hair hair. Just put some gel down, and just twisted it with this hair. Say you wanted to make a u-part or you wanted to leave a lot of hair out. I definitely think that if you guys flexi rod your hair with this hair, I think it’ll blend it perfectly. This is one of those textures that I don’t think will be hard to match with your own natural hair. I just really-