Gems Cryptocurrency

Have you ever worked on line for hours on end doing micro tasks only to receive pennies? I know I have. Which is why this coin is so close to my heart. I personally used to slave away for hours a day in effort to get rid of my low paying job, only to receive a few dollars at the end of the day.

This coin could be a game changer for you. Gems is a Brand New decentralized block chain that aims to spread the wealth from expensive, “Middle Men” who offer these online micro jobs, back to people doing the actual work.

This Video by Gems Explains the Problem and Solution in just 2 Minutes:

Gems also has a well structured road map for 2018 with an AMAZING  team. *Here is a link to Quarter 1 road map for 2018.

The Gems Team includes a wide range of Talent; from Harvard University graduates to co founders of Twitter and Medium, this ICO Is geared up for a HUGE success!

If you want to get involved in this ICO:

  1. Join the Telegram group here:
  2. Help them grow by writing a blog post, getting a friend involved or for more options, visit here.
  3. And finally, let them know how you helped by filling out this form:

This is an amazing project guys, make sure you don’t miss out!

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