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Garcinia Cambogia EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

Garcinia Cambogia (<-Click to get discount)  was recently discussed on the Dr. Oz show. I believe it was actually referred to as the holy grail of fat loss, and these are terms that we don’t like to apply to supplements or hyperbolics, especially fat loss ones, because in and of themselves nothing can have miracle effects or things like that. You take in less calories than you burn and maybe throw in some exercise too. Those things are only going to make the fat loss supplement work better and a lot of people are probably like, “Well duh,” but of course its just science! and supplements!

What does the Research Say about Garcinia Cambogia

What the research actually says about garcinia cambogia, which is a tree that is native to southeast Asia and Africa, the actual fruit looks like a pumpkin on the outside. It’s about the size of an orange, no bigger than a grapefruit. Inside of it there’s something called hydroxycitric acid. It has the active ingredient from garcinia cambogia. It provides about 50% hydroxycitric acid. When you buy a supplement, you want half, at least 50% hydroxycitric acid. Only way to be sure of that is to look for something called super citrimax, which is a trademark, patented raw material that guarantees you’re getting at least 60% hydroxycitric acid in your garcinia cambogia supplements.

garcinia-cambogiaIngredients of Garcinia Cambogia?

Now the ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, plays a role in blocking an enzyme that plays a role inside of the body in the biosynthesis of fat. What you want to do is if you take garcinia cambogia, you want to take between 500-1000mg before a meal about 3 times a day. You don’t want to exceed 3 grams or 3000mg for the day. That’s a dose that’s been used in much of the research, and as I said, that effect is to block an enzyme that’s going to play a role in taking that excess carbohydrate and storing it as fat. It’s also going to play a role in how your body made a bunch of blood sugar. It also raises serotonin levels. These are the important benefits, what makes you feel good and makes you feel full. Some call it appetite suppressants and it’s another effect.

Now the question is what does the research say? Does it really have these effects? Well, it’s kind of a little bit back and forth because in the randomized placebo, it’s called clinical trials, the results were kind of inconsistent. Some of them were really good, some of them showed that it had no effect. Also, the sample size is kind of small, along with duration. There were no studies that were longer than 12 weeks. One study showed that on average they were losing 4 pounds a month from using garcinia cambogia. The issue is again there was a small sample size and that particular study was only 60 days.

Randomized Clinical Placebo control studies Needed!burn-fat

So I’d like to see those randomized clinical placebo control studies, I’d like to see them repeated and also done with a larger sample size and for a longer duration. Maybe 16 weeks or more, see what kind of results we would get. See if we can get those consistently replicated.

Can I take Garcinia Cambogia with other stuff?

That being said, there does seem to be some cons, as far as with the ingredients burning the fat. The question we get is, “Can I take garcinia cambogia with other stuff?” Yes you can. It’s a non-stimulant, so maybe if you want to take it with your coffee which has caffeine in it, its fine. It’s not going to have any effect. If you want to take it with something like green coffee beans extract,, but also Teatone’s green tea extract and other appetite suppressants, saffron these are other things that we talked about. You can take these together, it’s fine. There’s not going to be any catalytic effects. You don’t have to worry about it. It’s really the stimulants that you really want to be careful with

Using Garcinia Cambogia While Being Pregnant?

Somebody who shouldn’t take garcinia cambogia would be a pregnant woman. There’s really no reason to try and lose fat when you’re pregnant, you’re trying to keep it up. Nursing mothers, we don’t have any data to show the effect that it has on breast milk, so you may not want to be taking it during that. If you do, just be sure to discuss with your physician, so you could even know is that good or no. If you’re just dead set on taking it, we recommend dumping and then maybe taking it so that if it does leak in the breast milk, it’ less of a concern. That would be our advice is to discuss with your physician.

Anyone with cholesterol? you should definitely avoid it. These drugs are notorious for having a catalytic effect with other ingredients. You don’t want muscle cramps and things like that. So just avoid it all together if you’re on those, or at minimum, discuss it with your physician. Also, they’re really bad for you too, so I’d recommend seeing what you can do to get off of those. Discuss that with your physician as well.

Again, we are relying on a little bit of inconsistency in the results. I’d like to see some of those repeated.

Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

Garcinia Cambogia can be used without hurting anyone when they are healthy, if you are totally fine, you can use it, just use it as directed! Again we are talking about 500-100mg, some of them we sell at 750, which is fine. Take one of those before a meal, and do not go over 3000mg, 3 grams, per day. Get enough food that it’s used in the super citrimax.

Who Will Benefit the most with Garcinia Cambogia?

Who is going to bendownloadefit the most from garcinia cambogia is going to be somebody who is overweight or pre-diabetic because it’s going to help you control your blood sugar levels. For those and they may not be as effective in the sense of helping you control your blood sugar because you really probably don’t have a problem with that probably 3 shots of insulin. You don’t have that problem, however, if you don’t have a problem with binge eating or emotional eating, the serotonin effect may help you. That may be an area where you can benefit from it as well, or if you’re just an emotional eater. So yes, you can benefit from garcinia cambogia. Overall, that covers it. Again, look for that super citrimax, that trademark patented ingredient. That’s the one that’s going to guarantee you’re getting the proper product.

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