How to Make Biltong with Discount on Biltong Box

Biltong is one of the traditional foods that being worldwide. As the traditional food of South Africa, now biltong is packaged and exported to many countries. Therefore, it is not only the consumption of south Africans anymore. Biltong is popular not only because its taste. The procedure and the ingredients of making biltong are quite easy to follow. Therefore, if you are hard to found stores sell biltong, you can make it in your home.

Biltong is typically cut in long fillets. In its origin, South Africa, you can found in the market that biltong is hung everywhere. By following these following procedures, you will be able to make biltong with South African recipe.

Slice the meatbiltong

Firstly, when you are selecting the meat, it is recommended to use beef. Besides it is widely available, instead of using fish, the taste is better. Furthermore, choose the topside or silverside of the meat. These parts serve the best taste for making biltong.

Remove the fat when you are cutting the meat. It is important to make the biltong dried. However, it is okay if you want to remain some fat for flavor. The size of slices is also important. Do not cut it too long and thick. Ideally, you need to make the meat in the thickness of 1 cm maximum and 20 cm of length maximum. Making it thicker will spend longer time for drying.


There are several ingredients for spicing, they are vinegar, ground coriander, black pepper, salt, and you can add paprika. This is the easiest step for making the biltong. You just need to mix the spices on a wide plate. Then, on the top of meat, you can repeat to seasoning it. Before you dry the fillets, put them in the fridge for about two until four hours.

Drying step

It is important to dry the biltong in a dry and closed place. Meanwhile, the place should have good ventilations.  Most importantly, the place should be away from the insects or humid. The humidity will spoil the biltong. It is better if you have such place which makes you able to control the heat. The drying process can take about 24 hours to 10 days, depends on the method of drying.

When the meat is dried, there are several things you should concern. The thickest part of the meat should be on the top. Then, do not let the meats touch each other.

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When you are drying the biltong, do not place it in the room which has been closed for a long time. Such kind of room is prone to mold. Whereas, use the room which is dry and have enough ventilation, so the air still circulates well.

Winter is absolutely the best season for making the biltong. However, you are still able making biltong during the summer. Cut the meat into thinner slices, so it will dry quicker. Furthermore, when you are marinating the meats, cover them with cloth or towel to prevent the flies laying eggs on meat.

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  1. Beth

    Where can I buy good quality biltong from in the United Kingdom? I honestly can’t be bothered to make my own.

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